Battleship Not Just A Board Game Anymore


For the strategic in you or someone who just likes blowing things up then has the game for you, Battleship. It is an excellent recreation of the original board game with super cool graphics and the ability to choose how fierce the computer your playing against. Miniclip Battleship is approximately, with a download time of less than a minute and a minimal amount of 670 KB file size. Or if you prefer you can play the game at their website, they can even email it to you once you sign up for their newsletter. Once the game starts to load up cool battle music starts playing and you then enter your name in.Get your high quality Mobile accessories only at

In Miniclip Battleship you get 5 boats of your own designed around actually Naval Ships. The object of this fun past time is to sink all five of your opponents ships before they sink yours. You play by calling out different grid positions on the opponents field of water, or at least this was the original board games way of playing. With the computer game you begin by moving your ships onto different parts of your board, once you have your pieces set up you are ready to begin play.

The first move is made by moving your mouse over a copy of the water the computers pieces are hidden, when you think you know where one of the ships are you click the left button on your mouse. A computer captain then shows up on the screen and then tells you whether or not your strike was hit or miss. If it’s a miss the computer tells you it’s a miss, however if you hit the opponents ship the captain appears and says “way to go” or something to that effect. If you hit the opponents ship then you are given another shot to try and hit it again. Remember though the computer gets the same amount of moves each time it hits yours. So strategize well, plan ahead, and pay close attention to the board.Get your high quality Mobile accessories only at

Once you have finished beating the computer and have sunken all of its ships, it gives you a score based upon how bad you beat it, and offers to play again kicking it up a notch by increasing your skill level.

So put on your uniform and prepare to be the hero of the war.

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